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How to Change the PPS Air Dust Filter Bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-23      Origin: Site


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How to replace the PPS dust filter bag manufacturer when it is used for blast furnace gas?

1. Before installation, employees who perform replacement work must understand the key points of the filter bag dust removal process, and then the construction process of removing the dust filter bag, and then inspect the tools used, and then use it only after passing the inspection. Since the disassembly and assembly of the filter bag are carried out on the top of the dust filter bag, and the number of replacements is large, the dust filter bag needs to be transported back to the site for storage before replacement. When storing, it must be protected from moisture and light. Before the work, the three aspects of maintenance, spot inspection, and production must be confirmed, and then the construction can be carried out after the power failure is listed.

2. Block the blind plate. Before opening the manhole door of the filter bag filter, the nitrogen pipe and the blind plate at the ash unloading valve should be blocked, and the gas pipe valve should be closed at the same time.

3. Open the inlet hole of the filter bag filter, place a blower at the inlet hole at the bottom of the filter bag filter, then discharge the remaining gas in the filter bag filter, and then open the inlet hole, but the replacement personnel cannot directly enter the construction. After about 24 hours, workers at the coal defense station checked and confirmed safety before construction could begin.

4. Remove the nitrogen purge pipe. After entering the bag filter, first remove the nitrogen pulse purge pipe at the top. The removed pipes should be placed in a vacant spot in an orderly manner to facilitate subsequent reinstallation.

5. To remove the filter bag, first remove the filter bag skeleton, and remove the dust filter bag one by one after the removal. At this time, the filter bag will fall into the filter bag dust collector, and workers need to enter the hole from the lower part of the filter bag. Take out the filter bag. However, workers must wear air respirators and masks before entering, because the inner warehouse is a closed container, and the amount of dust is not small and contains a small amount of gas. The dust filter bag must be recycled by the manufacturer.

6. Install a new filter bag, clean the filter bag dust collector before installation, and install the filter bag after cleaning. First put the long filter bag into the hole. When installing it to the mouth of the filter bag, keep your hands light. Gently bend the hoop of the filter bag mouth so that one side of the filter bag can be installed in place, then loosen the bent part to make it naturally recover. If it cannot be restored, you need to gently bend the other side of the filter bag hoop at the same time, Gently press it back to its original position, then the filter bag can be installed back naturally. Then install it back to the filter bag skeleton to complete the installation.

7. Follow-up work. After the installation of the filter bag and the filter bag frame is completed, the nitrogen purge pipe must be inspected by a special person before the nitrogen purge pipe can be installed. All inlet holes should be closed. The blind plate at the pipe and the ash unloading valve is removed, and then it is necessary to confirm the completion of the installation, delisting, and sending the three items for trial operation. After all are completed, the site can be cleaned.

The widespread use of dust filter bags makes people pay more attention to their replacement during use, but as long as they are properly installed and replaced, they will not affect the use.

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