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  • PPS dust filter bag performance analysis

    pps filter bags are not often exposed to in our lives, but in industrial production, pps filter bags play a very critical role in reducing the emission of dust and other pollutants.The material of pps filter bag is mainly polyphenylene sulfide, its melting point is about 285 ℃, the oxygen index is a

  • Reasons for damage to PPS filter bags

    Features of pps filter bag:1. The pps filter bag refers to the strip-shaped yarn branch with conductive function woven in the pps filter material fiber or base cloth, so that the entire PPS filter material has conductive properties. During use, electricity is guided to the dust collector box and the

  • Antioxidant measures of pps dust filter bag

    What are the antioxidant measures of pps dust filter bag?1. Establishment and maintenance of protective layerDirect contact with the dust filter bag is an effective means to block the flue gas.(1) Dust-proof layer: The filtration of dust-containing gas is mainly carried out through the dust layer. T

  • Where is PPS filter bags suitable for application?

    The good market prospect and wide use of PPS dust bag material originate from its excellent quality and performance.1. The thermal stability of PPS filter material is very excellent, and the thermal stability of short-term heat resistance and long-term continuous use are better than all current engi

  • The anti-oxidation protective measures for PPS filter bag

    1. Establish and maintain a protective layerFume isolation is an effective measure for direct contact with the dust filter bag.(1) Protect the dust layer: The filtration of dusty gas mainly depends on the dust layer. The first dust layer plays a more important role than the filter cloth. It greatly

  • Reasons for corrosion of PPS dust filter bag

    Corrosion is one of the more common causes of damage to pps dust filter bags. Because the flue gas contains a variety of corrosive substances, the corrosion effect is stronger in a high temperature environment, and the filter bag will be damaged. The main causes of corrosion are hydrolysis, oxidatio

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