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PPS dust filter bag performance analysis

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-02      Origin: Site


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pps filter bags are not often exposed to in our lives, but in industrial production, pps filter bags play a very critical role in reducing the emission of dust and other pollutants.

The material of pps filter bag is mainly polyphenylene sulfide, its melting point is about 285 ℃, the oxygen index is about 34, the density is about 1.38g/cm3, and the breaking strength is about 5g/day.

Polyphenylene sulfide is a crystalline high-performance thermoplastic engineering plastic with very strong properties and excellent performance in flame retardancy, chemical resistance and heat resistance.

The working temperature of the pps filter bag is 160-200. The pps filter bag has excellent heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and is also a good flame retardant filter material with high thermal stability.

However, the pps filter bag has poor oxidation resistance and is prone to oxidation corrosion.

pps filter bags are used in coal-fired boilers, as well as in the flue gas purification process in waste incinerators, coke ovens, kilns and chemical drying processes.

It is also used in carbon black, powder collection, pneumatic conveying, chemical industry, cement, electricity, etc.

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