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The anti-oxidation protective measures for PPS filter bag

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1. Establish and maintain a protective layer

Fume isolation is an effective measure for direct contact with the PPS dust filter bag.

(1) Protect the dust layer: The filtration of dusty gas mainly depends on the dust layer. The first dust layer plays a more important role than the filter cloth. It greatly improves the efficiency of dust removal. At the same time, it isolates the flue gas from directly contacting the filter bag. The dust filter bag plays a protective role. Therefore, the protective layer can protect the filter bag from damage.

(2) Surface treatment of the filter material: After the filter bag is processed on some surfaces, the harmful components in the flue gas (including oxygen) will directly interact with the filter material to cause damage.

2. Reduce the oxygen content and consumption of compressed air

The oxygen content in the air is 21%, which is relatively high. Therefore, reducing this part of the oxygen content is an important aspect.

(1) Use a compressed gas source for ash removal with very low oxygen content: If compressed nitrogen is used for ash removal, the oxygen content in the flue gas will not increase or even decrease.

(2) The method of using high compressed air.

(3) Reduce the number of blows: The pressure difference control method is generally more scientific than the timing control, which can reduce the number of pulse blows. Reducing the number of blows means reducing the amount of mixed compressed air.

(4) Reduce the residence time of compressed air: using online dust removal, the residence time of compressed air is less than 1 second, which can greatly shorten the reaction time, while the offline method will reach several minutes.

(5) Reduce air leakage rate: improve manufacturing and installation quality and sealing effect, and reduce air mixing.

3. Increase drainage

Increase the amount of drainage. In fact, the demand for compressed air has decreased.

(1)On-line dust removal: In order to increase the drainage volume, online dust removal is adopted. Since the flue gas passage of the warehouse is cut off, there is no supplement of flue gas, and the drainage effect will not be very satisfactory.

(2) Install a suitable venturi. The venturi has two functions: one is to increase the drainage volume; one, to keep the dust removal pressure from being transmitted to the bottom of the filter bag. The shape of the venturi has an influence on the drainage volume and blowing volume. The comparatively great influence.

(3) Use a small diameter filter bag: increase the specific surface area of the filter bag. When the air-to-cloth ratio is the same, the volume decreases and the amount of compressed air required also decreases.

4. The operating temperature is controlled at an appropriate temperature.

Low temperature is the condition of oxidation reaction, so that the inlet temperature of the dust collector is as low as possible, and high temperature protection measures can be used to play a greater role. But the temperature should not be too low, there should be a dew point temperature. Otherwise, the wet smoke will condense and the water vapor will be absorbed by the powder on the surface of the filter bag, making the powder layer sticky and difficult to remove. When the water vapor reacts with the powder cake, it will cause acid corrosion of the dust filter bag and the dust collector box.

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