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  • The anti-oxidation protective measures for PPS filter bag
    1. Establish and maintain a protective layerFume isolation is an effective measure for direct contact with the dust filter bag.(1) Protect the dust layer: The filtration of dusty gas mainly depends on the dust layer. The first dust layer plays a more important role than the filter cloth. It greatly
  • Reasons for corrosion of PPS dust filter bag
    Corrosion is one of the more common causes of damage to pps dust filter bags. Because the flue gas contains a variety of corrosive substances, the corrosion effect is stronger in a high temperature environment, and the filter bag will be damaged. The main causes of corrosion are hydrolysis, oxidatio
  • The Feature of PPS Filter Bags
    The pps filter bag is made of Japanese Toray and domestic polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fiber selected by our factory.1. The pps filter bag has excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. It is superior to aramid fiber in terms of resistance to organic acid, inorganic acid, acid and oxidan


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