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How to change the baghouse dust air filter bag?

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How to change the filter bag?

1, turn off the system: close the power supply to stop the pump, close the inlet and outlet valves.

2, release pressure: for safety, ensure that the nozzle is rushed to a safe local. Open the exhaust valve and slowly reduce the filter pressure.

3. Open the cover: ensure that the pressure of the filter cylinder is reduced to zero and then open the cover.

4. Discard used filter bags

5, view the basket: view the arc degree and margin of the basket. The upper edge of the net basket and the surface of the filter cylinder touch is necessary to be flat. Warning: If there is no net basket or net basket installation error will lead to filter problems

6. Install the new filter bag: it is necessary to insert the filter bag into the net basket. It is necessary for the sealing ring to sit properly in the sealing groove.

7. Check the gasket: select the gasket compatible with the fluid, and replace the worn gasket with the Chinese filter environmental protection gasket

8, closed lid: special attention. When closing the filter lid, ensure that the gasket is not distorted or out of the groove. Tighten the ring nut clockwise.

9, closed exhaust

10. Turn over the pump switch

11, open the inlet valve: slowly open the valve to investigate whether leakage occurs leakage, immediately close the inlet valve, start again from 3.8

12, open the outlet valve

Filter bag manufacturer

Bag type dust collector class

(1) The press cloth should not be hung too loosely or too tightly. If it is too loosely, it will simply collect dust, and if it is too tightly, it will simply be pulled out.

(2) The old and new filter bags should not be mixed to prevent different effects on the normal work of the equipment at the time of damage. Wanguan hardware electrical and mechanical network Xiaobian for us to introduce

③ Replace the filter bag, first blow it with compressed air, and then check whether there are holes. The filter bag manufacturer has holes to repair and leave for replacement.

① The length of the press cloth (including the length of the connector) should be correctly measured.

(2) When stitching, ensure that the weft threads at both ends coincide or are parallel to prevent the press cloth from running off course during operation.

③ The interface should pay attention to the direction of operation, so as to avoid damaging the press cloth or blocking the progress of the press cloth by blocking the interface of the press cloth with the scraper.

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