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A list of these air filter bag articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional air filter bag, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • The place to pay attention to when replacing your air filter bag

    1. The single-section dust removal skeleton generally has space for bag replacement. First, take out the dust removal skeleton together with the dust removal cloth bag, and use a knife or other tools to remove the dust removal cloth bag attached to the dust removal skeleton. (Do not damage the dust

  • The Reason of damage to the air dust filter bag

    1. Incineration: If the dust bag is kept in the flue gas for a long time and exceeds the normal operating temperature of the bag, it is easy to harden and shrink the dust bag, or melt and cause holes. The thickness of the initial layer of the dust bag manufacturer is not enough, the sparks brought b

  • Damage problem of high temperature dust filter bag

    1. Wear: The wear of the high-temperature dust bag mainly occurs in the middle part of the dust collector. On a single high-temperature dust bag, it mainly occurs within 1 meter of the cloth bag from the outlet. The main reason is the uneven distribution of flue gas, the high flow rate in the middle

  • How to store air dust filter bag

    1. Do not place it in direct sunlight, rain and dusty places.2. Do not store in a place with high ambient temperature and humidity.3. The use period of the multi-functional dust removal bag is within 6 months, and the date of the batch number of the outer box shall prevail. Generally, the validity p

  • The reason for the blockage of the air dust filter bag

    1. Improper installation of the filter bag of the dust collector: A. The installation process is chaotic, and the storage of the bag cage and the filter bag is irregular, which causes the filter bag or the bag cage to be squeezed and deformed; B. The filter bag is not vertical, which will cause the

  • Affect the service life of the air dust filter bag

    In the daily use of dust filter bags, the service life of dust filter bags has always been the concern of everyone, so what factors are related to the service life of dust filter bags?1. Blockage of the dust filter bag. When the dust filter bag is blocked, the resistance increases, which can be show

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