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Type and method of air dust filter bag

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Type of dust filter bag:

1. According to the shape of cross section of dust filter bag, it can be divided into flat bag (trapezoidal and flat) and round bag (cylindrical).

2. According to the air inlet and outlet mode, it can be divided into downward air inlet and upward air outlet, upward air outlet and DC air outlet.

3. According to the filtration method of the dust removal filter bag, it can be divided into external filter type and internal filter type.

4. According to the use environment and temperature resistance procedure of dust filter bag, it can be divided into normal temperature, moderate temperature and high temperature.

Cleaning method:

1. Gas cleaning: Gas cleaning is to reverse blow the filter bag with high pressure gas or outside air to remove the accumulated dust on the filter bag. Gas cleaning includes pulse blowing, reverse blowing and reverse suction.

2. Mechanical vibration cleaning: It is divided into top vibration cleaning and middle vibration cleaning (both are filter bags), which means that each row of filter bags is periodically struck in turn by mechanical vibration device to remove the accumulated dust on the dust filter bag.

3. Manual tapping: Manually tap the filter bag to remove the dust on the filter bag.

Replacement period

1. When to replace the filter bag?

In practice, there are two ways to determine when to replace the dust filter bag:

1) Determine the replacement time roughly according to experience.

2) The pressure gauge is installed on the inlet and outlet pipes of the bag dust collector. When the time to replace the filter bag is determined by the pressure difference of the pressure gauge before and after, the pressure difference acceptable to the filter bag is usually about 1~3kg/cm2. When the pressure difference reaches this range, the filter bag should be replaced in time to avoid the filter bag breaking and affecting the filtering effect.

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