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air dust filter bag

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  • Precautions for installation of air dust filter bag

    The installation of the dust filter bag and the dust filter bag cages is also important. If you do not pay attention to the installation, the dust bag is easy to be damaged and dust from the bag filter.1. Before installing the dust collector bag and the dust filter bag cages, determine whether the

  • Reasons for the damage of the air dust filter bag

    Either improper installation or improper operation will cause damage to the filter bag. There are several reasons for damage:1 Filter wind speedIn the design of the dust collector, if the filter wind speed is too high, it is easy to increase the running resistance and frequent dust removal, which wi

  • Test items of air dust filter bag

    The appearance inspection of the filter bag is carried out from the following aspects1. Adhesion of dust on the surface of the filter bagIf condensation, compaction, paste bag, etc. appear on the surface of the filter bag, it may be related to high-humidity flue gas and ammonia escape. After ammonia

  • How to install the air dust filter bag

    1. Install correctly1) Install correctly and carefully. It is strictly forbidden to cause dust leakage due to improper installation of the flower plate or the inside of the filter bag. The double anti-dust filter bag is strictly forbidden to cause secondary pollution if the inside of the dust remova

  • Introduction of different characteristics of air dust filter bag

    1. Processing methodAccording to the processing method, it is mainly divided into three types: woven filter material dust bag, non-woven filter material dust bag and composite filter material dust bag.(1). Woven filter material dust collector filter bag: the filter material is woven with warp yarns

  • Reasons for the low efficiency of air dust filter bag

    According to our company's many years of experience in the production of dust collectors, several major factors affecting dust removal efficiency have been summarized in the design of dust collectors.1. The nature of dust.The dust removal efficiency of the bag filter is directly related to the size,

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