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Instructions on the operation method of air filter bag pre-coating

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(1) The pre-coating of the filter bag of the bag filter should be cut off and stopped before the start of the combustion or production process, and the air inlet valve of the filter should be opened (including the air inlet and outlet valves of each filter bag room) .

(2) Start the fan to gradually increase the air flow of the dust collector until it reaches about 70% of the designed air volume, and record the internal and external resistance of the filter bag of the dust collector in each chamber.

(3) Put dry oil-free pre-coating powder at the opening of the general air inlet duct of the dust collector (usually the flue gas test port). The mesh number of ash powder is required to be less than 200 mesh, and the moisture content is less than 1%. The ash powder of 350-450g per square meter of filter area is put into it.

(4) Before starting powder feeding, make sure that the air volume of the induced draft fan is above 70%, make sure that the bypass valve is closed and the poppet valve is online. The fan runs on load for about 20 minutes until the end of preliming to ensure a more even and smooth distribution in each ash hopper.

(5) When preliming, the rising pressure difference in each chamber is reflected. For example, if the pressure difference is 100Pa at first, it should be increased to at least 350~400Pa after preliming, that is to say, it must be increased by 250~300Pa, such as No, it indicates that the pre-painting fails and needs to be re-applied.

(6) When the preliminary ash work is completed, stop the fan and arrange for personnel to enter the clean air chamber of the dust collector for inspection. If there is ash leakage in the hole of the flower plate or the electric welding between the flower plate and the box, check the filter bag Whether the sealing between the bag head and the flower plate is tight, if not, it needs to be adjusted.

(7) After pre-coating the filter bag of the bag filter, if there is no problem, the system will run to the normal design parameters, and then the dust cleaning system of the filter will be turned on, and the filter will enter normal operation.

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