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How to choose ptfe dust filter bag

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The fabric design of ptfe membrane filter bags should pursue filtration as far as possible, easy dust stripping and durable effect. Dust filter bag is the main accessories in the dust collector, bag dust collector generally according to the nature of the dust, the nature of the dust containing gas and the dust cleaning method of the dust collector to choose the required dust filter bag, so the focus of attention is not the same as the choice of membrane filter bags. The membrane filter bag has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wear resistance and bending resistance.

Waste incineration is one of the important application fields of PTFE membrane filter bags. The waste incineration process inevitably produces a large number of pollutants, which have the following characteristics: (1) there are particulate matter, acid gas, heavy metal and organic highly toxic pollutants in the flue gas; ② The flue gas has high moisture content, high dew point temperature and easy dew formation in the filter; (3) High and low temperature smoke interaction exists; (4) The dust produced by deacidification treatment is easy to absorb moisture, which leads to the difficulty of dust removal and pipeline blockage; ⑤ The smoke is highly corrosive. With PTFE as the base and P84 as the surface layer, the needled felt filter material coated by PTFE microporous membrane can achieve good results in the flue gas purification of waste incineration power plant.

Coal-fired power plants are common in China, and the coal combustion process will produce a lot of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and inhalable particulate matter. Because of the excellent characteristics of PTFE, the bag dust collector made of PTFE film and glass fiber composite filter material can reduce the emission of dust in power plant. In addition, PTFE membrane and glass fiber needled felt composite filter is an effective material to overcome inhalable particles. According to the power department's regulation of 0.3 square meters of filter material for each kilowatt coal-fired generating unit, China needs 192 million square meters of such filter material.

With the more and more strict requirements of energy saving and emission reduction, the traditional electrostatic precipitator used in cement industry can not meet the new emission standards. In the cement production process, the bag dust collector made of the traditional needled felt compound PTFE membrane filter material can reduce the emission of air pollutants and recycle the cement powder, which can increase the output, reduce the cost and save energy.

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