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How to clean the boiler filter bags

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How to clean your boiler filter bags  

1. Using high-frequency vibration, the larger dust particles entering the surface of the boiler filter bags are removed as much as possible, without affecting the entanglement fastness of the fiber, and maintaining good peel resistance of the boiler filter bags .

2. Testing: The boiler filter bags instrument is used to test the physical indicators of the boiler filter bag is cleaned to ensure that the cleaning quality meets the requirements.

3. Chemical experiment treatment: take samples of boiler filter bags , use professional instruments to detect the oily components of the filter bags, so as to select suitable cleaning materials, and clean the boiler filter bags to a greater extent without damaging the boiler filter bags.

4. Cleaning: Choose suitable cleaning materials for the boiler filter bags and strictly match it, clean with low-temperature water, with uniform water flow, moderate strength, and no mechanical damage to the boiler filter bags.

5. Drying: Use about 110 hot air to dry to maintain the dimensional stability of the boiler filter bags, and the dust filter bag will not deform or shrink after drying.

6. Repair: Repair the boiler filter bags that is damaged due to wear and holes caused by use to ensure a high recovery rate.

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