boiler dust filter bags

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  • Reasons for dew condensation in the boiler filter bags
    1. There is air leakage in the bag filter of the boiler. Due to the phenomenon of air leakage in the dust collector, a large amount of cold air from the outside is sucked into the dust collector, so that the local air temperature of the bag filter drops sharply, and the water in the air is analyzed,
  • what is the boiler filter bags
    Boiler dust collector is commonly used auxiliary equipment in boiler and industrial production. Its function is to remove the particulate smoke and dust in the boiler fuel and combustion exhaust flue gas, thereby greatly reducing the amount of smoke and dust discharged into the atmosphere. This is a
  • How to slove the leaks of boiler dust collector
    The boiler dust collector consists of an upper box body, a middle box body, a lower box body, an ash discharge device, a blowing ash cleaning system, a bypass flue, a valve, a platform escalator, a protection device, an automatic water spray cooling system, a pre-coating system, Compressed air stora
  • How to clean the boiler filter bags
    How to clean your boiler filter bags


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