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How to slove the leaks of boiler dust collector

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-15      Origin: Site


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The boiler dust collector consists of an upper box body, a middle box body, a lower box body, an ash discharge device, a blowing ash cleaning system, a bypass flue, a valve, a platform escalator, a protection device, an automatic water spray cooling system, a pre-coating system, Compressed air storage tank, turbidity meter, broken bag detection device. The boiler dust collector is an external filter type dust collector, that is, the dust-containing gas is outside the dust collection bag, and the clean air is inside the dust collection bag with the bag mouth upward. When cleaning dust, start the pulse injection valve to blow, so that the dust bag is radially deformed and the dust is shaken off. The dust removal efficiency of the boiler dust collector exceeds 99.5%, and it has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency, simple structure, and offline maintenance.

However, the air leakage of the boiler dust collector will affect the exhaust gas effect of the boiler, increase the oxygen content of the flue gas, reduce the flue gas temperature, and increase the load of the bag filter. What measures should be taken when the boiler dust collector leaks?

When the boiler dust collector is manufactured, it is necessary to focus on preventing leakage, blistering, desoldering, etc., to ensure welding quality. Secondly, the flange connection part should be filled with asbestos rope, and the bolts should be tightened, compacted, and then jointed with "water glass". The dust collector shell and ash hopper must be carefully inspected. Except for the inspection door hole, the dust collector box needs to be sealed and welded. The ash hopper needs to be equipped with upper and lower limit level gauges to maintain a certain ash seal when unloading ash. Through the above comprehensive measures, control the air leakage rate.

The boiler dust collector must be well insulated to meet the requirement of no condensation inside the dust collector, and the temperature difference needs to be ≥10°C. Select materials that meet the standards, and perform the heat preservation of the boiler dust collector according to the standard process. The exterior is decorated with colored boards, and the appearance is smooth, clean and beautiful. And to do a good job of preventing water leakage, the color can be determined after soliciting the opinions of users.

The outer surface of the shell of the boiler dust collector and the related flue are insulated. The protective net can be used to firmly stick the insulation layer on the shell. The protective shell adopts a color plate. The connection between the protective shell and the shell is to weld bolts on the shell, and then use the nut and gasket to press the protective plate and the protective plate. Use rivets at the lap joints. The problem of air leakage from the boiler dust collector requires the use of rock wool insulation materials.

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