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How to prolong the service life of dust filter bag

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1. To choose the appropriate filter material, the filter material can be distinguished according to the temperature and chemical characteristics of the gas, including particle size, weight, shape, whether there is pecking and abrasiveness, and dust concentration, filtration speed, cleaning method, emission concentration and Factors such as the operation system of the bag filter.

2. Needle-punched felt is used for pulse jet bag filter; woven fabric is used for sub-chamber back-blowing bag filter or mechanical rapping bag filter.

3. Avoid setting the filter wind speed of the dust filter bag too high for a long time. Many friends think that the higher the filter wind speed is, the better the dust removal effect will be, but if it is in a too high state for a long time, it will easily lead to a serious shortening of the service life of the filter bag of the dust removal bag.

4. The nature of dust in the working environment should be considered during use. Because the dust containing acid or alkali is easy to corrode the filter bag of Yunnan dust removal bag, which seriously affects the working performance of the dust removal bag.

 5. Avoid using it at high temperature. This is also very important, because the use environment of high temperature can easily damage the dust filter bag of the dust filter bag, or even burn it. Therefore, effectively avoiding the use of high temperature can make the dust bag get a longer service life.

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