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How to solve the filter bags pasted

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How to Solve the Filter Bags Pasted  

"Paste bag" means that during the long-term operation or outage of the dust filter bags, the dust is condensed, adhered or encrusted on the filter surface of the dust filter bag or inside the filter material in the working condition with high humidity or oily substance contact with the filter material. In addition, the online dust removal system cannot be used, resulting in a significant increase in operating resistance. 

When the paste bag occurs, first analyze its causes, and try to adjust the operation data of the dust collector to observe whether it is operating or solve it. If the effect is not obvious, you can choose the following methods:

1. Choose on-site cleaning service. This is our service for the problem of bagging. The main purpose is to clean the filter bags one by one on the spot using the air volume. The advantage is that there is no need to disassemble the cage bones and cloth bags, just remove the upper blowing pipe (if it is a Lurgi system, you do not need to remove the blowing arm). More convenient and time-saving.

2. Choose washing service. Some domestic manufacturers provide such services. The filter bag needs to be unpacked and shipped to the service manufacturer, and then shipped back after washing. It may take a long time, and it is impossible to avoid the damage of the filter bag and the damage to the filter structure caused by water washing in the process.

3. For the paste bags caused by dust penetration and oily dust, the owner can only choose to replace the filter bags in a batch.

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