How to solve the pasted air dust filter bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-01      Origin: Site


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"Paste dust filter  bag" is a common problem of dust-removing filter bags. It is one of the reasons that cause the ineffectiveness of dust-removing filter bags. When the dust-removing filter bags are in contact with the filter material of dust-removing filter bagswith high humidity or oily substances during long-term operation or shutdown The phenomenon in which dust gathers, adheres or crusts on the outer surface or inside of the dust removal bag and cannot be removed by the dust removal system is called "paste bag." , Densely covering the non-representative surface, not only makes the dust removal cloth bag unable to breathe, but also greatly reduces the effective filtration area of the dust removal filter bags. The running resistance, the load of the induced draft fan, and the energy consumption increase, and even the induced draft fan may be overwhelmed. Unable to operate. The continuous increase in the resistance of the dust collector makes the online dust removal system frequent dust removal, the mechanical strength of the filter material is seriously damaged, and the service life is greatly shortened.

 Reasons for the formation of paste bags:

pasted dust filter bags

1. Condensation

The moisture content of the material entering the dust collector is too high, and the generated flue gas contains a large amount of water vapor. When it encounters the dust attached to the dust bag, the dust sticks to the bag. Or the air leakage of the dust removal equipment causes the cold air to leak in, and the flue gas temperature decreases more and more like the dew point approaches. These conditions can cause condensation in the dust bag. Secondly, although the inner wall of the dust removal equipment is equipped with an insulation layer, because the four walls are the forefront of contact with the outside world, the temperature must be lower than other parts, and the temperature difference makes the dust bag on the outer ring of the four walls more sticky than the other parts of the dust bag. Much higher.

 2. Adhesive paste bag

The oily particles in the dust, ammonium sulfate generated by denitration, and nitrate lime used for desulfurization are relatively viscous, and it is difficult to remove them by sticking to a dust bag. Although some dust is not very viscous, it easily absorbs moisture and deliquesces and forms a solution on the surface of the fiber, or recrystallizes with moisture to form new hydraulic substances or crystals. Although some dust is not sticky, the dust particles are relatively fine, and it is easy to uniformly adsorb on the surface of the filter material to form a layer of "floating dust". The adhesion is not very strong but it is difficult to remove.

 3. Structured paste bag

Some dust-removing cloth bag filter materials have insufficient needle-punch density, which leads to relatively loose fibers on the filter surface. Even if the surface is singeed, fine dust can easily enter the dust-removing cloth bag filter material. Dust accumulates in a certain amount inside the dust removal bag, mixes with the water vapor in the flue gas, and blocks the vent from the inside of the dust removal bag. Secondly, some dust-removing cloth bags are not treated with singeing or matting, and the surface of the filter material of the dust-removing cloth bag still retains the fiber ends. This is the source of the dust bag paste bag. The dust began to form a dust group from the county committee. After a period of time, the dust group gradually became larger and bridged each other. Lead to a large area of paste bag phenomenon.

 4. Poor cleaning effect

The pressure of the online dust removal system is insufficient, or the dust removal time is too short, the cycle is too long, the dust is not cleaned, and the dust accumulates on the surface of the dust removal bag. It is also one of the reasons why the dust bag pastes the bag.


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