Influencing factors of the service life of bag filter

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-04      Origin: Site


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Influencing factors of the service life of bag filter

1. The influence of the filter bag material; the filter bag material should be selected to block the passage of fine dust. The fabric warp and weft threads have small holes, the warp and weft threads are thin, the fabric fluff is long and elastic, which can cover the holes and has strength.

2. The effect of high temperature on the filter bag. When the exhaust temperature exceeds 160℃, the temperature has a significant impact on the life of the filter bag. As the temperature increases, the loss of the life of the filter bag gradually increases, and the filter material will be burned when the temperature reaches the temperature. Therefore, the exhaust temperature should be strictly controlled during operation, long-term over-temperature operation and short-term temperature rise accidents occur.

3. The impact of destructive dust removal on the filter bag. In order to keep the pressure difference of the filter bag running at the design value, the fly ash attached to the surface of the filter bag must be cleaned regularly.

4. The influence of filtering wind speed on the filter bag. The filtration wind speed is an important factor that determines the performance of the dust collector. For dust-containing flue gas with high dust concentration, fine particles, and high abrasiveness, the filter wind speed should be lower, otherwise, the wind speed should be higher.

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