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  • Influencing factors of filtration efficiency for air dust filter bags

    1. Breathability
    Air permeability refers to the amount of gas passing through the filter material per unit area under a certain pressure difference, and generally refers to the air permeability of a clean dust bag. The air permeability of high temperature dust removal cloth bags depends on the finen

  • Comparison of high temperature and mechanical damage for filter bags

    1. Causes and phenomena of high temperature damage to the dust filter bag.Open flame sparks. Reason: There is sparks in the smoke, causing small holes to burn. Phenomenon: There are small holes on the dust bag.High temperature flue gas. Reason: The temperature of the working condition of the cloth b

  • Analysis of air leakage of kiln bag filter in cement plant

    1. Affect the stability of the kiln system: For the dust removal equipment operated by negative pressure, a large amount of air can be poured into the air leakage, and the effective air volume of the kiln system drawn by the tail exhaust fan is reduced, which affects the output of the kiln.2. Dust l

  • Reasons for serious noise and vibration of bag filter in operation

    1. The bolts of the exhaust hood of the bag filter are loose and cause vibration.2. Poor pipe support of bag filter; poor hose material causes resonance; pipe resonance;3. Insufficient strength causes vibration; the body of the bag filter will resonate at the same frequency as the airflow vibration;

  • Reasons for high pressure difference of dust collector bag filter

    Main reasons and elimination methods:1) The differential pressure reading is wrong: clean the pressure measuring interface/check the trachea for cracks/check the differential pressure gauge.2) The injection system setting is incorrect: increase the injection frequency/compressed air pressure is too

  • Affect the service life of dust collector filter bags

    1. Product quality: The product quality processing of dust bag is particularly important.2. Dust medium: The choice of dust filter bag material is determined by the dust nature of the dust, and whether the dust contains acid, alkali or aggressive substances. According to the nature of the dust, sele

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