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  • Points to pay attention to when choosing dust filter bags

    Dust removal cloth bags are often used in some industries, but many industrial businesses do not know how to buy suitable cloth bags, because some cloth bags will break after being used for a period of time. The person in charge of the industry feels a headache about this, and they are thinking abou

  • Different dust method for Dust Filter bags

    The dust removal method of the dust collector is the main condition for selecting the type of dust collection bag. It can first decide whether the dust bag is woven, needle felt, compressed felt or dust bag.1. Vibration cleaningThe property of this dust removal method is that the kinetic energy used

  • Selection basis of Air dust bag filter

    1. According to the air volumeThe design of the bag filter is based on the processing air volume. The processing air volume refers to the volume of air that the dust collector can process in a unit time. When the dust collector is designed according to the air volume, generally do not use it in the

  • Which parts of the dust filter bag will be worn

    1. Dust removal filter bag Uneven airflow distribution, high flue gas filtering speed, too small spacing between dust removal filter bags, and wear or shedding of the film on the surface of the dust removal filter bag are the main reasons for the damage of the dust removal filter bag. Back blo

  • Precautions for trial operation of bag filter

    During trial operation of the bag filter, special attention should be paid to the main points of inspection: 1. The rotation direction, speed, bearing vibration and temperature of the fan.2. Whether the processing air volume and the pressure and temperature of each test point are consistent with the

  • Influencing factors of filtration efficiency for air dust filter bags

    1. Breathability Air permeability refers to the amount of gas passing through the filter material per unit area under a certain pressure difference, and generally refers to the air permeability of a clean dust bag. The air permeability of high temperature dust removal cloth bags depends on the finen

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