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Suggestions and measures to prevent dust filter bag damage

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A. The number of vertical ribs of the skeleton should be reasonably matched according to the material of the filter material, and it should be smooth and flat without blemishes, with sufficient strength, verticality up to the industry standard, and good coordination with the filter bag.

B. The flower plate is flat, the inner surface of the flower plate hole is smooth, and there is a large distance between the flower plate hole and the box wall and the flower plate hole, so as to prevent the error of the flower plate and the inclination of the skeleton, which will lead to the collision between the filter bags and the filter bag. Bags are worn.

C. The pulse nozzle should be vertical, and should be concentric with the hole of the flower plate, and the error should be less than 2mm.

D. The arrangement of the pulse nozzle has an important influence on the pulse cleaning of the bag filter. The pulse nozzle has a distance from the mouth of the filter bag. If it is too small, the induced air flow will be insufficient, and the upper bag mouth of the filter bag will be easily damaged; if it is too large, the pulse The pressure attenuation of the air flow is too large, which is not conducive to the flow of air into the bag. The specific pulse distance is related to the diameter of the pulse nozzle, the parameters of the pulse air flow, and the diameter of the bag. It is necessary to ensure that the pulse air flow and the induced air volume are greater than the volume of the filter bag.

E. The air distribution board should be set for the air intake smoker of the dust collector, so that the air distribution of each box is relatively uniform. The position and quantity of the air distribution board have a great influence on the air distribution.

F. There should be a certain distance between the bottom of the filter bag and the ash hopper. There should be a high and low level gauge in the ash hopper. When there is too much ash in the ash hopper, the ash should be unloaded in time.

G. Before installing the filter bag, the site should be clean, the filter bag skeleton injection pipe and other facilities should be placed in an orderly manner, the impurities in the dust removal equipment should be cleaned up, the installation process should be in good order, and there should be no cross operations that affect the filter installation.

H. In order to eliminate the possible sparks in the flue gas, an effective preventive measure is to install a spark catcher before the flue gas enters the dust collector to remove the sparks from the flue gas.

I. Affected by regional climate differences, it is required that the dust collector should be well sealed and the box should be insulated to prevent local cooling and condensation of the dust removal equipment.

J. After the installation of the filter bag is completed, before the dust removal equipment starts to operate, the filter bag should be pre-sprayed with lime powder and talcum powder. The quality of the filter bag is not only related to the quality of the filter bag itself, but also to the reasonable design of the dust collector, as well as the installation, operation and maintenance of the filter bag.

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