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Inspection requirements for high temperature filter bags

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What are the quality inspection requirements for high-temperature filter bags before they leave the factory?

1. Thickness: The important physical system performance issues of high-temperature filter bags have a great impact on the air permeability and wear resistance of the filter material.

2. Density: Density refers to the number of yarns in a unit distance, that is, the latitude and longitude are between 5 cm. The density of the non-woven fabric is calculated by multiplying the cumulative density by the weight of the filter material per unit area and the thickness (per square meter).

3. Weight: Weight refers to the weight of the dust removal material per square meter of the dust collector. Since the weight and structure of the material are directly reflected in its quality, the weight becomes an index that determines the performance of the dust bag and is also an important factor in determining the price of the dust bag. factor.

4. Moisture absorption: The moisture absorption capacity is a measure of its performance. When the dust-containing gas contains a certain amount of water, this feature is even more important, because when the dust-containing gas has a high moisture content and the high temperature filter bag has a high moisture absorption capacity, It will cause dust to adhere, block the dust bag, increase resistance and poor dust removal performance.

5. High temperature filter bag fire resistance performance: In the actual use and management process, the fire resistance performance of the dust bag is an important technical indicator. The combustion of the bag filter mainly includes the development process of polymer melting oxidation and cracking. According to the polymer The characteristics of the dust removal system can be divided into four types: flammable, combustible, non-combustible and non-combustible. Non-combustible filter media and non-combustible filter media have a certain impact on the performance of the dust removal system.

6. Temperature resistance: Moisture resistance refers to the regression resistance and heat resistance of the dust bag is an important factor in the selection of dust bag beach materials. When using a bag filter material, not only the temperature resistance of the bag filter material in the bag filter material, that is, the long-term regeneration of the bag filter material and the possible short-term high temperature and high humidity, but also the effect of the bag filter material Resistance to dry heat and damp heat.

7. Hardness: Hardness is a measure of the softness of the powder spraying bag. The way to evaluate its characteristics is to feel it. High-temperature filter bags have almost no hardness, while felt cloth dust bags and non-woven cloth dust bags are not suitable for dust removal due to the difference in surface resin treatment. The requirements are also different.

8. Dimensional stability: Dimensional stability is the expansion and contraction of the filter material in the longitudinal and weft directions. The expansion and contraction of the filter material will change the porosity of the filter material, affect the filtration efficiency and resistance, and sometimes even affect the normal operation of the dust collector, so high temperature filtration The smaller the expansion and contraction rate of the bag, the better.

9. Corrosion resistance, including acid resistance, alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, resistance to reducing agents and organic combined solvent system performance. Dust-containing gas often contains other types of learning chemicals, which requires high temperature filter bags to have corrosion resistance.

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