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Low efficiency of dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-10      Origin: Site


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Bag filter is a relatively mature product in the market at present, and the production of bag filter manufacturers technology is uneven, some manufacturers due to the immature technology, many manufacturers produced by the bag filter dust removal efficiency and can not achieve satisfactory results.For the dust removal system, no matter how good the product is under certain conditions, it will also be disturbed by some factors.According to our company's many years of experience in dust collector production, several factors influencing dust removal efficiency are summarized in the design of dust collector.

The main influencing factors are:

One, dust nature.

The dust removal efficiency of bag filter is directly related to the size, gravity, shape, electrostatic effect and dust concentration of dust particles.According to the introduction of dongguan environmental protection experts for large particles, large, irregular shape and electrostatic effect of dust, its dust removal efficiency is higher.

Two, dust bag performance.

The performance of press cloth has great influence on dust removal efficiency and resistance.Press cloth material should meet the following conditions: Manager Xu 15962005995

1, can prevent the passage of fine dust, fabric warp and weft line interweave hole to be small, and warp and weft line itself to be fine, in order to increase the screen area, reduce resistance;

2, the fabric nap should be long and elastic, so that it can cover the hole, and has a certain strength;3. In order to facilitate cleaning with reverse air flow, the fluff of the fabric is located on the dusty air contact side.

Three, the influence of filtration speed

The lower the filtration speed, the easier it is to form particles to small diameter and large porosity of a dust layer, the more can catch fine dust particles, filtration wind speed is too high, the penetrate of dust particles to the filter material, so that the filtration efficiency is reduced.Of course, the penetration phenomenon can also be overcome by choosing the right filter material.In addition, some filter materials, filter wind speed changes in a certain range, dust removal efficiency is almost not affected.

Fourth, the impact of the dust layer on filter material Early bag filter operation, the new filter material no dust layer, the ability to capture dust is low, as the filtering process of powder, dust layer gradually formed, the dust removal efficiency accordingly, after fully formed, when the dust layer filtration efficiency can reach more than 99%, for less than 1 mu m fine dust particles also have very good capture effect.

Five, air leakage and resistance:

Theoretically, the dust removal efficiency of the bag dust collector is calculated to be 99%, but it cannot be achieved in the actual measurement, mainly because of the influence of air leakage and resistance. The lower the air leakage rate, the better the dust removal effect.Resistance has a certain influence on the dust removal effect of electrostatic precipitator, often empty the filter bag, reduce resistance, can improve the dust removal effect.The dust collecting cover should be as close as possible to the furnace head to make it easier for the dust to enter the cover, increase the dust collection amount and reduce the pollution discharged without organization.

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