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Maintenance cycle of Air Dust Filter Bags

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Maintenance cycle of Air Dust Filter Bags 

The use of bag filter has already been used in different industries, but after a period of use, it is easy to malfunction, so we need to pay attention to the maintenance and repair of the above content. Let us introduce in detail how long the maintenance cycle of bag filter is generally What?

The bag filter should be maintained once after half a year of operation. Although the bag filter may not fail at this time, you must check whether the filter bag is damaged as soon as possible. If there is damage, you need to replace the filter bag as soon as possible. . Generally, it is more common to wear and tear during normal use, but if it is not found, it will cause many problems. In addition, after the dust collector has been in operation for one year, the overhaul should be determined according to the workload. During the overhaul, except for the need In addition to repairs, it is still necessary to carefully check whether there is any damage to the parts or whether there is rust. Once it reappears, it needs to be replaced in time.

The maintenance of the bag filter also requires careful inspection of the cleaning effect. You need to open the access door on the top, and then pull out the filter bag to carefully check whether there is serious accumulation of dust, etc., and adjust the cleaning according to the actual situation. For example, you can check whether the indicated instrument is normal and whether the electrical equipment is normal. If it is abnormal, it should be repaired and replaced immediately. At the same time, it is also necessary to carefully check whether the diaphragm is damaged during the movement of the pulse valve. It is extremely critical. After selecting the correct maintenance, the use time can be extended, and serious failures will not easily occur, which will affect the effect of use.

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