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Maintenance of dust collector filter bags in asphalt mixing plant

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The method of atmospheric backflushing mainly uses the mechanical equipment (cylinder, valve) of the dust collector to change the positive and negative pressure relationship one by one, and uses the wind force of the fan and the atmosphere to clean the filter bags one by one, so that the filter bags are breathable. get regenerated.

be careful:

1. Whether the cylinder components of the chambers are working normally, whether the solenoid valve is energized, and whether the stroke of the cylinder meets the requirements. (You can manually open the inspection during maintenance)

2. The degree of sealing of the blowback gate. After using for a period of time, the sealing strip of the equipment gate may be aging or falling off. At this time, the sealing is not good when the positive and negative pressure of the warehouse is switched to clean the dust. At the same time, the cleaning effect is not ideal, and even occurs when it is serious. The phenomenon that the ash cannot be cleaned is also a top priority in the usual maintenance.

3. The degree of sealing and corrosion of the partition of the clean air chamber. The atmospheric backflushing equipment is in a negative pressure state during normal operation. When the equipment is cleaned, it will change from negative pressure to positive pressure. If the warehouse cannot be completely sealed, the gas flow used for cleaning will be diverted, resulting in weak cleaning. Can't even clean up. Therefore, the sealing of the warehouse is also a top priority.

Pulse cleaning is mainly a cleaning method that uses compressed air to instantly deflate through the pulse solenoid valve and drives the surrounding gas to clean the filter bag instantly. It can be divided into online cleaning, offline cleaning, and air box cleaning. Ash.

be careful:

1. The working state of the pulse valve, the wiring condition of the solenoid valve and the condition of the pulse valve diaphragm.

2. Pulse injection pipe. During each maintenance and inspection, attention should be paid to the tightness of the pulse tube, whether it has fallen off, or the nozzle cannot be perpendicular to the mouth of the cloth bag.

3. The cleaning pressure should be adjusted according to the production situation and the nature of the dust, and should not be too high or too low.

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