Maintenance of dust filter bag in coking plant

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-26      Origin: Site


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1. Box maintenance

The box body of the bag filter is fixed, the outside of the bag filter is exposed to the wind and the sun, and the inside of the bag filter is subject to gas attack. Therefore, both the inner and outer parts of the bag filter body need maintenance.

1. External maintenance

The external maintenance of the bag filter mainly checks the paint, bolts and seals. When the bag filter is dealing with some high temperature and high humidity gases, in order to prevent the bag filter from condensation and safety, an insulation layer such as rock wool, glass wool, and polyphenylester will be added externally. After the insulation layer is wet by rain, the corrosion of the box will be accelerated. Therefore, whenever it rains, pay full attention to the box of the bag filter placed in the open air.

2. Internal maintenance

The inside of the box is often in a harsh environment that is easy to corrode. The welded parts and the holes of the pattern plate are very easy to corrode. coating.

3. Gap maintenance

Rubber, rubber pads, asbestos pads, etc. are generally plugged into the gaps of the bag filter box to prevent gas leakage, but the gaskets will age and deteriorate or even fall off over time. Therefore, pay more attention to the gaps to avoid air leakage.

2. Ash hopper maintenance

If there is too much dust in the ash hopper, it will block the air inlet, resulting in poor suction and almost emptying. In addition, too much dust in the ash hopper will increase the resistance, reduce the air volume, and the dust that has fallen will be blown up to block the ventilation holes of the bag. Therefore, pay attention to the amount of dust accumulated in the bag filter hopper.

3. Valve maintenance

1. Maintenance in operation

Pay attention to the opening and closing of the bag filter valve (whether it is flexible and accurate), tightness, whether there is water leakage, cooling drainage, drainage temperature, freezing conditions in winter, the operation status of the driving device (air cylinder or electric cylinder), and the operation status of the air source accessories .

2. Maintenance while parking

Pay attention to whether the bag filter valve is deformed, damaged, tightness, flexibility of action, and connection of electric control parts. During the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to strictly control and absolutely prohibit the entry of toxic gases into the system. After the equipment stops running, the gas inside the system must be exhausted with air to prevent possible accidents. At the same time, cut off the main power of the switch.


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