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Maintenance of dust filter bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-21      Origin: Site


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As the heart of the bag filter, its daily maintenance and maintenance is very important to prolong the life of the bag filter. Due to the initial layer, damage or improper assembly of the dust bag, the dust emission will exceed the standard. Therefore, when we do daily maintenance, we need to pay attention to consider whether the dust bag is used improperly, whether there is a careful inspection, and whether there is a detailed record of use.

1. If the discharge of the dust collector exceeds the standard and the operating pressure of the dust collector is much lower than the design, it is very likely that the initial layer of the bag is insufficient. This may be because the speed of the dust bag during filtration is too high and the compressed air is injected. The pressure is also too high, or the cleaning cycle of the filter bag is too short. Generally, at this time, we should set the cleaning cycle of the cloth bag to a longer time, and improve the stability of the pressure at the outlet of the dust collector. However, if the excessive discharge of the integrator is after the dust bag is cleaned, it should be checked whether the pressure of the compressed air is too high.

2. The damage and wear of the dust bag, etc., when the dust collector is repaired, the maintenance cost of the dust bag always occupies a relatively large proportion. Therefore, in daily use, attention should be paid to properly adjust the exhaust gas flow of the dust collector. If the flow rate is large, it is necessary to increase the automatic control system of the flow, so as to ensure that the dust collector can work normally under a stable air volume. The uneven air intake can easily cause a certain part of the bag to be impacted, resulting in the perforation and damage of the bag. At this time, an intake distribution guide should be installed at the duct of the air inlet or a more wear-resistant cloth bag should be replaced. Special attention should be paid to the distance between the cloth bag and the keel. When the keel is assembled, there are often burrs that can easily cause damage to the bag. Another situation is that due to the long-term exposure of the bag in the high-temperature exhaust gas, it is easy to be melted by the temperature of the exhaust gas and cause holes. At this time, the cloth bag should be replaced in time.

3. The dust bag is prone to blockage. Moisture blockages are particularly frequent blockages. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid improper startup. Remember not to start the machine when the resistance of the dust collector is large, and do not start it when the dew point is lower than the dew point. In addition, the high temperature and then the low temperature in the dust collector will cause air When it penetrates, water vapor is also generated, which is also prone to problems.

Our daily use of machinery and equipment is inseparable from people's daily maintenance of it, and the same is true for dust removal bags. Only by ensuring the good dust removal bags can the dust collector equipment achieve a good dust removal state and enable it to play its own function. Whether the efficiency of dust removal is good or not depends on whether the overhaul and maintenance of the machine are in place.

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