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Measures to be taken by the dust filter bag in the case of high temperature and high humidity dust

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What should be done and what measures should be taken by the dust filter bag when dealing with high-temperature and high-humidity dust has always been a matter of continuous research and improvement by environmental protection manufacturers. Skill. The high temperature and high humidity dust we encounter more is the flue gas emitted in the production of industrial boilers and dryers. Since the flue gas has a high temperature and is accompanied by a large amount of oxide gas such as water vapor or sulfur, it becomes high temperature and high humidity dust. The dust filter bags we know can generally handle flue gas below 260 °C. If the flue gas temperature is too high, it can be pre-cooled before dust removal. Steam boilers, cement kilns, metallurgical kilns, incinerators and other places discharge The flue gas of the boiler is vacuumed with a special PPS dust filter bag for the boiler.

Several high-temperature and high-humidity dust treatment measures often encountered in dust filter bags:

1. Adhesive dust: Since part of the cohesive dust will be firmly adhered to the inner surface of the filter bag, it needs to be treated by the adsorption of the dust filter bag. The main performance is as follows: mix an appropriate amount of porous powder into the system pipeline through which the flue gas passes to absorb the cohesive dust, and then use the equipment for dust removal treatment. Generally, a polyester filter bag with waterproof coating is used.

2. Explosive dust: Let's first understand what kind of environment the dust is likely to explode: when the flammable substance encounters flue gas with a high concentration; there is sufficient oxygen or oxidant; when it encounters a fire source, if you want to deal with it For gas containing explosive dust, corresponding measures must be taken to destroy the above conditions that may cause explosion: control the concentration of dust-containing gas, eliminate fire, prevent static electricity, ground equipment, monitor explosion-proof, extinguish and vent explosion, and use anti-static filter material.

3. Gas with corrosive dust: refers to all kinds of dusty flue gas that will form various salts in contact with water. Corrosive gas is generated in the conditions below the acid dew point, so we should ensure that the flue gas is above the dew point The filter element should be selected according to the characteristics of the flue gas to be processed. It can be used in equipment with severe corrosion and high requirements for purification effect. In special industries, the high-temperature and corrosion-resistant dust removal filter bag should be made of various stainless steel. Parts are better.

4. Grinding dust: Since the coarse and heavy particle dust contained in the flue gas will cause wear on the inner wall of the cloth bag or box during the cleaning process, it is necessary to take relevant measures to reduce the dust-containing gas when dealing with such flue gas. In order to reduce the flow rate and reduce the coarse particle dust in the flue gas, wear-resistant materials and pre-dust removal devices can also be added at the inlet of the airflow. In this case, the filter bag should be made of needle-punched felt that is more wear-resistant.

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