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Method to prolong the service life of PPS filter bag in boiler dust collector

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Method to extend the service life of PPS filter bag in boiler bag filter

1. Prevent filter bags from oil mist hazards

When the boiler starts and runs under reduced load, the fuel oil will be put into use. At this time, the oil mist carried in the flue gas will endanger the filter bag, and preventive measures need to be taken. The main measure is to pre-contain dust in the filter bag. Before the boiler is ignited or before using a new filter bag, spray fly ash into the bag filter to make a layer of dust adhere to the surface of the filter bag to prevent the oil mist in the flue gas from directly contacting the filter bag and avoid damaging the filter bag. In the production process, when the burden is reduced and the fuel is added to support combustion, fly ash is also sprayed to absorb the oil mist with high-concentration dust to avoid damage to the filter bag. When the boiler load is reduced and fuel is added to support combustion (30% B-MCR), whether the powder injection device is activated depends on the fuel condition. If there is more fuel, the powder injection device cannot be activated.

2.  Precautions against abnormally high temperature hazards of flue gas

The sudden abnormal high temperature (200°C) of the boiler flue gas will burn the filter bag. This is the goal of the bag filter, and it is also the key to the preparation and function of the dust removal system. An emergency spray cooling device is installed. The nozzles are respectively arranged on the flue in front of the dust collector and arranged in groups. Different temperature rises and the number of activated nozzles are different. When the spray is not in use, the nozzle relies on less fresh air for self-purification and computer control.

3.  Precautions against low temperature hazards of flue gas

When the boiler is ignited or operated at low load (especially in winter), the flue gas temperature is lower. If condensation is likely to occur, call the police immediately. At the same time, the powder spraying device can be started, and the pps filter bag uses the adsorption and neutralization of fly ash alkaline powder to inhibit the generation of acid dew, and protect the filter bag from the corrosion of acid droplets. In addition, in conjunction with boiler production, by adjusting the air preheater bypass flue gas volume or hot air circulation, the exhaust gas temperature should not be too low.

4.  Precautions against "four-pipe" blasting hazards

When the four-pipe blasting is not serious, the water vapor content in the flue gas will increase, but the dust removal and filter life of the dust collector will not be affected in a short time. The selected filter material has good hydrolysis resistance. After the oil-proof treatment, this point will be fully considered when selecting the filter material. When the four-tube blasting is severe, the boiler production will be significantly affected, and maintenance should be stopped. When necessary, auxiliary means such as powder spraying system or speeding up the frequency of dust removal can also be used.

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