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Operation method of pre-coating of PPS dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-25      Origin: Site


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Before the first use, and within 48 hours before being put into use after a long-term shutdown, it is necessary to carry out pre-coating treatment. The so-called pre-coating is to add a filter aid to the dust-facing surface of the dust filter bag to make it more perfect for dust removal and purification. So what is the operation method of PPS dust filter bag pre-coating?

  1. Before the pre-coating treatment, the air inlet and outlet valves of each bag chamber of the filter bag filter should be opened first;

  2. Turn on the fan, and gradually increase the airflow intensity of the filter bag filter, so that the air volume reaches about 70% of the initial design. At this moment, the bypass valve must be closed, and the poppet valve must be online, and the filter bag must be recorded. The internal and external resistance of each bag chamber of the dust collector;      

  3. Put clean pre-coating powder at the opening of the total air inlet duct of the filter bag filter. The moisture content of the pre-coating powder should not be higher than 1%, and the pre-coating powder should be put in according to the amount of 400g of pre-coating powder per square meter of filter area;

4. When pre-coating, pay attention to the pressure difference response of each bag room. Usually, the pressure difference will rise at this moment, and the rising value should be between 250 and 300Pa. Take the initial pressure difference of 100pa as an example, after pre-coating, it should be increased by at least 350-400pa;  

  5. After pre-coating, wait 20 minutes before stopping the fan load operation;      

  6. After the above operations are completed, the operator can be organized to enter the filter bag filter room to check. If there is dust leakage in the hole of the flower plate or the electric welding of the flower plate and the box body, it is necessary to check the gap between the bag head of the filter bag and the flower plate. This problem can usually be solved after adjustment;  7. The filter bag dust collector can be opened for trial operation. If the system operating parameters are normal, it means that the pre-coating of the dust filter bag is properly handled and can be used with confidence.     

Pre-coating treatment is the better performance of the dust filter bag, so reasonable pre-coating treatment is the best way to ensure the efficiency of the dust filter bag.

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