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Raw material treatment of normal temperature dust filter bag

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1. Burning and pressing treatment: the surface of the dust removal filter bag after this treatment will have incomparable advantages of ordinary burning and pressing treatment, which not only improves the dust removal performance of the dust removal filter bag, but also strengthens the collection of fine dust in the dust removal filter bag.

2. Anti-static treatment: Some dust will explode when it encounters a specific concentration of sparks. Therefore, inflammable and explosive dust should be used after antistatic treatment of needle felt dust filter bag. Antistatic dust removal filter bag refers to mixing conductive fibers into the raw fibers of the dust removal filter bag, which can be binary conductive fibers, graphite wire conductive fibers and stainless steel conductive fibers. After this treatment, the dust filter bag will have conductive properties.

3 waterproof and oil-proof treatment: the raw material of the dust removal filter bag is oil-proof and water-proof treatment with fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnated, which can prevent or reduce the phenomenon of sticky bag when the dust removal filter bag captures wet dust.

4 PTFE coating treatment: when the dust particle size is less than 1 micron, or the dust viscosity is large, or the gas humidity is large, the dust bag made of ordinary materials can not be effectively filtered. Polytetrafluoroethylene film coated dust filter bag has high filtering accuracy, smooth surface, non-stick dust, easy dust removal, dust does not penetrate the filter material and other high performance.

Protective measures of dust filter bag

1. The cloth bag filter put into operation is pre-coated on the dust removal filter bag, so that the outer surface of the cloth bag has a powder layer protection layer. Before stopping the furnace, the dust cleaning should be stopped and a protective layer of powder layer should be kept on the outer surface of the cloth bag to prevent the residual flue gas from causing acid condensation in the dust collector and damaging the cloth bag. When stopping the furnace, a protective layer should be placed outside the cloth bag.

2, the boiler should try to avoid abnormal conditions during operation, once abnormal conditions should be timely fed back to the dust collector operating system for response and adjustment.

3, in the process of operation, according to the dust load to make timely adjustment to the cleaning system.

The fabric and design of the dust filter bag should be conducive to filtration, easy to remove dust, and the effect is good. The selection of filter bag is very important, it will directly affect the dust removal effect of the dust collector. The selection of filter bag is carried out from the following parts: gas temperature, humidity and chemical composition, particle size, dust concentration, filtration wind speed, cleaning method and other factors.

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