Reasons for the aging of the dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-10      Origin: Site


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1. The dust filter bag is blocked.

After the blockage occurs, the resistance will increase, and the cleaning interval will be shortened. These factors will accelerate the aging of the dust removal bag. For the aging problem of dust removal bags, we generally take the following 4 measures:

(1) New technology and old dust filter bag should not be mixed.

Avoid frequent replacement and maintenance due to different damage times and affect the normal operation of dust removal equipment.

(2) The dust removal bag is tight and tight.

It should not be hung too loosely or too tightly, too loose it will easily accumulate dust, and too tight it will easily be damaged.

(3) Temporarily strengthen cleaning.

To prevent the dust filter bag from clogging.

(4) Correctly select the dust filter bag.

Choose a dust filter bag suitable for dust conditions to avoid hardening and shrinkage of the bag due to abnormally high temperature.

2. The working temperature is abnormal.

If the temperature is too high, it will cause the dust removal bag to be burnt black and burnt; if the temperature is low, the condensation phenomenon of the dust filter bag will be accelerated, which will lead to the phenomenon of sticking bags.

3. Acid-base imbalance.

The contact of the dust filter bag with acid and alkali will cause the dust bag to be corroded, so the acid-base imbalance for a long time will also cause the dust filter bag to age.

4. Moisture in flue gas.

Some dust filter bag will be separated when they are in contact with moisture for a long time. For example, the dust removal bags made of polyester are made of polyester, so the dust removal bags separated by water are more prone to aging.


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