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Requirements for installing high temperature dust filter bag

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1. When storing high-temperature dust filter bags, please keep away from fire, avoid direct sunlight and other strong light to prevent heavy objects from being squeezed. Check each filter bag before installing high-temperature dust filter bags to prevent mechanical damage.

2. The environment for installing high-temperature dust filter bags requires adequate lighting on site, no equipment and sundries not related to the installation are allowed to be stored, smoking is prohibited during the installation process, welding and cutting operations in any form or any part are prohibited, and lighting such as lighters, matches, etc. is prohibited .

3. Two people are recommended to install the high temperature dust filter bags. One person folds the bag longitudinally and sends it into the hole of the flower plate. Another person grasps and opens the rolled filter bag. The holder should be aligned with the center and placed gently, and it is protected vertically during installation.

4. After the high-temperature dust filter bag is installed, check whether the seams are sealed, whether the sealing position is correct, and check whether the ash hopper is vertical. If the bottom of the high-temperature dust filter bags collides or is incorrectly recorded, pull it straight under the guidance of a dedicated person in time.

5. After installation, the flower board should be gradually covered with canvas to prevent debris from falling into the filter bag. When installing the blowpipe, cover the flower board with canvas to prevent damage to the high-temperature dust filter bags .

6. When handling and storing the high temperature dust filter bags , pay attention to prevent the bag from colliding with the surrounding hard and sharp objects. Do not step on your feet or press hard to avoid damage. 

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