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high temperature dust filter bag

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  • Requirements for installing high temperature dust filter bag

    1. When storing high-temperature dust-removing cloth bags, please keep away from fire, avoid direct sunlight and other strong light to prevent heavy objects from being squeezed. Check each filter bag before installing high-temperature dust-removing cloth bags to prevent mechanical damage.2. The envi

  • What is the function of high temperature dust filter bag?

    What is the function of the high temperature dust bag?The dust bag is called the heart of the bag filter. It is generally called the dust bag and the dust filter bag. The dust bag is an important part of the bag filter in operation. Usually, the cylindrical filter bag is hung vertically on the dust

  • The influence of flue gas on high temperature dust filter bag

    The dust bag is the primary dust removal tool of the bag filter. It can isolate harmful gases and protect the environment and human health. However, in industrial production, there are many factors that have an impact on it, and the flue gas is the most important factor in industrial production. Let

  • How to protect high temperature dust filter bag

    1. The spray is directly cooled. Using a nozzle, the water is sprayed into a mist and sprayed into the high-temperature flue gas. The evaporation of the mist will absorb a lot of heat, so that the flue gas can be cooled. The advantage of this method is that the flue gas will be cooled quickly, and t

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