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Characteristics of high temperature dust filter bag

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Characteristics of high temperature dust filter  bag

Glass fiber filter material can work in the environment of 260℃ for a long time, instant temperature can reach 300℃. The price of glass fiber filter material is low, strong stability, high tensile fracture strength, super corrosion resistance (acid in addition to hydrofluoric acid), smooth surface, easy ash absorption, good chemical stability. The disadvantage of glass fiber filter material is that water vapor has a certain effect on glass fiber, not wear-resistant and not folding, in some cases will reduce the life of the filter material, such as high filtration wind speed, pulse cleaning or cleaning intense.

PPS operating temperature is usually 190℃, instant temperature can reach 240℃. PPS is a kind of strong pH, high temperature resistance, good hydrolysis resistance filter material, super strong chemical corrosion, with the characteristics of high performance fiber, suitable for use in high humidity smoke, such as municipal waste incinerator, engineering boiler and so on. The disadvantage of PP is that it is easy to be oxidized and can only be used in flue gas with less than 15% oxygen content.

High temperature resistant dust filter bag

P84 is a kind of high temperature resistant synthetic fiber with normal operating temperature up to 240℃. Because P84 is made from a polycondensation polymer, it is subject to hydrolysis. It is easy to be corroded in acid and alkali working environment. However, since the section of P84 is trilobal-shaped, the surface area of single fiber is increased, so it can effectively capture particles.

To sum up, high temperature filter media are common glass fiber filter media, PPS, P84. And their use will also be due to the shortage of its own material and get a certain limit, the price of glass fiber filter material is low, generally just to reduce the cost and selection in high temperature operation; PPS can be used in general boilers and waste incinerators; The wear resistance of P84 and the wear capacity of pulse cleaning is stronger than that of glass fiber filter material, so P84 can be used to replace glass fiber filter material when the wear capacity and wear resistance of pulse cleaning are required.

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