How to protect high temperature dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-18      Origin: Site


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1. The spray is directly cooled. Using a nozzle, the water is sprayed into a mist and sprayed into the high-temperature flue gas. The evaporation of the mist will absorb a lot of heat, so that the flue gas can be cooled. The advantage of this method is that the flue gas will be cooled quickly, and the equipment and investment required are not much. The disadvantage is that the moisture content of the flue gas increases, which may cause condensation of the flue gas and harm the high temperature dust filter bag. If the sprayed water mist is not fine enough to become larger water droplets, then the water droplets may enter the bag filter without time to evaporate, and the dust bag will be easily blocked. Therefore, it is necessary to select a nozzle with excellent performance and use a microcomputer to accurately control the spray volume.

2. Cooling by mixing with cold air, usually install a three-way pipe on the inlet pipe of the bag filter, from which outside air can enter the flue and mix with the flue gas, thereby reducing the flue gas temperature. The advantage of this method is that the temperature is fast, and only some simple parts such as the tee and the valve to control the air flow are needed. The disadvantage is that the amount of flue gas will increase, and the greater the cooling rate, the more the volume of flue gas will increase. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the filter area and equipment volume of the high temperature filter bag filter accordingly, thereby increasing the investment in equipment, air ducts and fans, and also increasing operating costs.

The high temperature dust filter bag is the main dust removal tool of the filter bag filter, and its cost accounts for about 10% to 15% of the cost of the entire filter bag filter. Therefore, if it is replaced frequently, it will not only affect the working hours, but also increase the cost. When removing dust from flue gas, corresponding measures should be taken to prevent high temperature flue gas from damaging the high temperature dust filter bag.


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