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Requirements for storing polyester filter bags

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What are the requirements for installing and storing polyester filter bags?

1. When storing the polyester filter bag, pay attention to prevent direct sunlight from dust, dust, sunlight, etc. to avoid deformation and extrusion.

2. The installation environment requires that the on-site lighting can prevent the installation of anything and keep the dirt of the on-site equipment unchanged.

3. No smoking, no welding, no laser cutting, and no blowing during power outages when installing the polyester filter bag.

4. It is recommended that two people put the polyester filter bag into it, one person extends the filter bag vertically to the tray hole, the other person holds the filter bag, and the polyester filter bag is inserted into the center and installed vertically.

5. Every time the polyester filter bag is installed, check whether the joint is sealed and whether the sealing position is correct. If the bottom of the filter bag is found to be correct, make a record and check it on time by the technician.

6. When installing the polyester filter bag, pay attention to the nozzle, venturi nozzle, rear frame structure, polyester filter bag and drawing board to be reduced to 2mm.

7. When carrying and storing the dust bag, be careful not to let the dust bag touch the surrounding hard blocks and sharp objects.

8. The polyester filter bag has plasticity and can burn the sample, adjust the oxygen to observe the burning situation.

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