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Significance of pre-coating of dust collector filter bag

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In chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal and other enterprises, bag filter has been widely used, complete its economic work is a very important operation. The economic working methods are many, such as: reduce the air leakage rate of cloth bag filter, minimize the number of elbow in the pipeline settling, choose different ash methods, etc., but the significant method is to decrease the resistance of dust collector. The resistance of the dust removal system is generally composed of the resistance of the pipeline, the resistance of the cloth bag filter, the resistance of the clean dust removal cloth bag and the resistance of the dust layer on the dust removal bag. Under the normal filtration speed, the structure resistance is generally 200 ~ 500Pa, the resistance of clean filter material is generally 50 ~ 200Pa; And the resistance of dust layer with dust bag is 500 ~ 2500Pa. When the dust gas is filtered through the bag, the dust is blocked on one side of the bag and attached to the bag. With the addition of time, the dust on one side of the bag is accumulating more and more to form a dust layer, that is, the resistance of the dust collector. Due to the total resistance of the dust collector, it directly affects the gas flow in the system, under the condition of stable power. The larger the resistance, the smaller the gas flow in the system, and the smaller the resistance, the larger the gas flow in the system. In other words, when the gas flow in the system is stable, the power consumed is large if the resistance is large, and the power consumed is small if the resistance is small. Due to the reduced pipeline resistance, the structural resistance potential of bag filter is limited. Therefore, reducing the resistance of bag filter becomes the key to the energy saving of bag filter system.

Cloth bag dust collector is a big expense of our daily production investment, so we should know how to protect the equipment, to protect the cloth bag dust collector is to protect the investment, so that it can serve for us. Today we share about the pre-coating on the bag filter what is the significance of the pre-coating on the pre-coating below is the pre-coating (left) and not pre-coating (right) comparison, the use of pre-coating can add your bag filter air flow and dust removal power.

Precoating or precoating is a dry, chemically lazy, and easy to use powder, can be used to wrap or conditioning bag filter in bag filter, forward filter power and function. It is regarded as constituting a uniform, three-dimensional, porous auxiliary or reinforcing agent in the bag filter. The pre-coating has a naturally balanced particle size distribution, which can promote air flow and advance power collection, and then decrease the pressure difference and power cost. The use of pre-coating can also enhance the service life of the filter bag, protect the filter bag from blockage. Because the precoating has a high melting point, it is also able to contain harmful sparks when used as a control layer.

In summary, the primary benefits of using our pre-coating in dust collector bags include:

1, enhance the service life and function of filter bag;

2, protect the filter bag from blockage;

3. Add air flow;

4. Drop pressure difference;

5. Assist forward dust collection power;

6. Avoid the appearance of destructive sparks;

7, will absorb harmful water, oil and hydrocarbons;

8. Reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Products are widely used in steel, cement, chemical, power plant, road construction, metallurgy, grain processing and so on.

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