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dust collector filter bag

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  • Reasons for the failure of dust collector filter bag

    design   A common problem with the design of the bag filter is that the design size of the bag filter is too small to meet its intended use. If the size of the dust chamber is too small, it may cause too much air to pass through the filter. Imagine a handheld vacuum cleaner trying to remove a lot of

  • Reasons for dust collector filter bag aging

    In the bag filter, the dust filter bag is often prone to blockage, damage, and aging. The dust bag will reduce the dust removal efficiency, increase the maintenance cost of the dust collector, and even damage the bag filter for users. Bring economic burden.When the filter bag is clogged, the resista

  • Solution to Condensation of Dust Collector Filter Bag

    Solution to Condensation of Dust Collector BagThe shell of the bag pulse dust collector often has air leaking in, causing the air temperature in the dust collector to be lower than the dew point, and the dust filter bag will get damp, so that the dust is not loosely attached to the filter bag, but s

  • Technical requirements for boiler dust collector filter bag

    1.2 Filter bag specificationsThe cross-section of the filter bag is round, size: φ135×80001.3 Filter bag material: 50%PPS+50%PTFE (fabric)+PTFE (base cloth)1.4 Filter bag filter method: external filter1.5 Filter bag cleaning methodPulse cleaning is adopted, and the cleaning pressure is 0.25~0.35MPa.

  • How to prevent air leakage of bag filter dust collector

    In order to prolong the service life and dust removal efficiency of the bag filter, air leakage must be prevented. Here are two effective methods to prevent air leakage:Strengthen the seal(1) Strengthen the sealing of the dust removal system: To prevent air leakage, it is also necessary to strengthe

  • How to protect air Dust collector filter bag

    When the bag filter is stopped for a long time, pay attention to the equipment to prevent moisture, pay attention to the moisture in the filter bag room, and prevent the filter bag from being hydrolyzed and corroded by moisture.1. Exhaust the high temperature gas from the dust removal box and introd

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