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What is a dust collector filter bag ?

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Dust filter bag is generally known as filter bag, dust bag, dust bag, etc. The dust bag is the key part in the operation of the bag dust collector, usually the cylinder type filter bag is suspended vertically in the dust collector.

Dust filter bag is a kind of dust filter material, its processing quality is good or not related to its application effect. The fabric selection of dust removal filter bag depends on the dust nature of the dust, to consider whether the dust contains acid, alkali or erosive material, according to the nature of the dust to select suitable for its filter material, so that the filter bag can be normal adsorption dust, and does not affect its service life.

According to the cross section shape of dust filter bag, it can be mainly divided into three kinds: round, flat and shaped:

1. Round: the dust removal filter bag is cylindrical. Its specifications are expressed by diameter × length, namely D×L(mm);

2, flat: dust collector filter bag for flat shape, including rectangle and trapezoid, its specifications with circumference × length, that is, P×L(mm);

3. Special-shaped filter bag with specific shape, its specification is expressed by the characteristic parameters of its structure.

Dust filter bag is mainly used in iron works, steel mills, ferroalloy plants, refractory plants, foundry, power plants and other flue gas treatment dust removal system. Waste incinerator, coal-fired boiler, fluidized bed boiler and other flue gas filtration. Asphalt concrete mixing, building materials, cement ceramics, lime, gypsum and other production sites. Aluminum electrolysis, lead, tin, zinc, copper and other rare metals smelting flue gas filtration, fine material recovery, liquid, solid separation.

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