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Technical Requirements For Sintering Plant Filter Bag Cage

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Technical requirements for sintering plant dust filter bag cage:

1. The processing method and surface treatment of the dust filter bag cage should fully consider the boiler operating conditions and the requirements of the flue gas characteristics, and the filter bag should operate safely and reliably.

2. The dust filter bag cage adopts a split type, the longitudinal ribs and anti-support rings are evenly distributed, and the bag cage and longitudinal ribs are required to be evenly distributed. They should have sufficient rigidity and strength to withstand the gas pressure of the filter bag in the state of filtering and cleaning dust. It can prevent damage and deformation caused by collision and impact during normal transportation and installation.

3. All the welding points of the bag cage are connected by spot welding. All welding points should be uniform and firm. Desoldering, false welding and missing welding are not allowed. The welding point can bear 250N tensile force.

4. The vertical deviation, diameter tolerance, circumference tolerance, and length tolerance of the bag cage must meet the "Technical Conditions for Bag Filter Frame JB/T5917-91" and "China Environmental Protection Product Certification Conditions for Bag Filter Bag Frame HCRJ016" -1998" requirements.

5. The surface of the bag cage is smooth, without burrs, and meets the corrosion resistance requirements.

6. The bag cage is made of carbon steel with anti-corrosion treatment. The material of the bag cage is 20# steel. The design of the bag cage is light and strong. The longitudinal ribs and anti-support rings of the bag cage are evenly distributed. Ø3.0~Ø4.0mm carbon steel longitudinal ribs are used, and the spacing between the anti-support surrounding ribs is 200mm.

7. The surface of the dust filter bag cage is treated with anti-corrosion. Using organic silicon coating, the thickness of the coating is 80µm~100µm. The coating must not have defects, such as partial peeling and blistering. The coating is required to be heat-resistant and acid-resistant, and must be certified to be at room temperature under flue gas conditions without peeling off the coating.

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