Technical requirements for Waste incineration filter bag cages

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-20      Origin: Site


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The domestic garbage incineration dust filter bag cage is equipped with 20 vertical bars, the specification of the vertical bars is φ3.0mm, and the horizontal bars are φ4.0mm. The surface of the cage bone is treated with organic silicon spray, the surface coating is smooth, no peeling, and the coating thickness is 80μm -100μm. No peeling or sticking of the coating will occur in the flue gas environment below 260°C. The material is 20# steel + organic silicon spraying.

Cell plate hole diameter: 164 mm Tolerance: +0.1/-0.1 mm, flower plate thickness: 8mm

Specification of dust filter bag cage for Domestic Waste Incineration

Round shape, outer diameter Φ155 mm (matching with cloth bag). There is 1 section in the length direction, with a total length of 5980 mm. The size of the filter bag is φ160mm×6000mm, and the distance between the bottom of the cage bone and the bottom of the filter bag is 20mm.

The longitudinal ribs and anti-support rings of the cage bones are evenly distributed, and have sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent damage, deformation and corrosion. There are 20 longitudinal ribs and the spacing of the anti-support rings is 200mm; it can withstand the filtering and cleaning of the filter bag In the state of the gas pressure, the solder joints have no desoldering phenomenon. It can prevent damage and deformation caused by collision and impact during normal transportation and installation. The bag cage and the filter bag can be well matched, and the contact surface should be smooth and clean, and no welding scars, unevenness and burrs are allowed.

All solder joints of the cage frame are uniform and firm, and there is no desoldering, false soldering or missing soldering. The soldering joints can withstand a tensile force of 250N.

The cage bones are of one-piece type, with no sections in the middle, and the vertical deviation of the cage after installation does not exceed 1%. The cage bones should be easy to plug and unplug, and there should be no shaking.

The organic silicon coating must be powder sprayed, and then baked at a high temperature after spraying. Degreasing and phosphating treatment must be carried out before spraying.

The life span of the dust filter bag cage for incineration of domestic waste is not less than 5 years. The quality of coal, ash and flue gas should not be used as quality guarantee conditions.


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