The Feature of Fiberglass Filter Bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-11      Origin: Site


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Feature : 

1. Strong adaptability. It can operate effectively under high temperature (260℃, instantaneous 280℃), high dust content (100 g/Nm3), and high temperature (dew point 60℃).

2. The dust collection efficiency is more than 99.9%, and the emission concentration is <50 mg/Nm3, so that it is smoke-free and dust-free to ensure compliance with the standard.

3. Thoughtful design and reasonable structure. It can be repaired without stopping the machine without affecting production.

4. With long-bag back-blowing and dust removal technology, anti-condensation structure design, and advanced temperature automatic control system, the filter bag has a long service life.

5. The equipment is safe and reliable in use, simple in operation and low in operating costs.

Influencing factors :

1. The choice of cloth for dust removal cloth bags depends on the nature of the dust, and considers whether the dust contains acid, alkali or aggressive substances. According to the nature of the dust, select the filter material that is suitable for it, so that the filter bag can absorb the dust normally without affecting its service life.

2. The use temperature accurately selects the dust removal cloth bag suitable for the corresponding dust temperature, which is the hub of the filter bag. If the temperature is too high, the selected dust-removing cloth bag exceeds the normal use temperature, the filter bag will shorten the service life, and the severe one will burn in a short time. Therefore, when selecting a filter bag, the inlet temperature of the dust collector must be measured and calculated, and then the corresponding dust-removing cloth bag must be selected.

3. Filter wind speed. The filter wind speed of the bag filter [1] is too high, which is the main reason for the damage of the dust bag. In recent years, some units have blindly reduced equipment costs and increased profits. When designing a bag filter, the filter wind speed has been increased. In a short period of time, the user has no significant response, but the service life of the filter bag has been greatly shortened. In this way, instead of saving money for customers, it also brings a very large financial burden and extravagant time.


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