The Feature of P84 Filter Bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-19      Origin: Site


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P84 high temperature resistant dust-removing filter bag fiber is also known as polyimide, and its basic chemical composition is mainly composed of aromatic units. P84 high temperature resistant dust removal cloth bag fiber filter material has the following characteristics: 1. The P84 high temperature resistant needle felt dust removal cloth bag has an irregular trilobe shaped cross section. This special cross section increases the surface area of the P84 high temperature resistant dust removal cloth bag and can resist high temperature. P84 needle-punched felt filter bag can effectively capture smiling particles and is easy to clean dust; 2. P84 high temperature resistant dust-removing cloth bag fiber is non-combustible; 3. P84 high temperature resistant dust-removing cloth bag fiber has very superior chemical properties and can resist corrosion; 4 , High temperature resistant P84 dust filter bag fiber is resistant to high temperature, can operate continuously at a temperature of 240 ℃, and can withstand an instantaneous temperature of 280 ℃.

P84 needle-punched felt dust filter bag is a kind of flame-retardant, temperature-resistant and stable fiber filter material. Under the condition of 240℃, the machine of P84 polyimide fiber filter material will not change, and the highest temperature can reach 260℃. P84 fiber filter material has no melting point temperature and is natural golden yellow. P84 polyimide fiber filter material is not a hygroscopic fiber filter material (under the condition of 65% relative humidity, the water absorption is about 3%).

In addition, because the P84 fiber has a special (leaf-shaped) cross-sectional structure, it has a large filtering surface area and excellent filtering performance, so P84 fiber is often implanted on the surface of other dust-removing cloth bags (the side of the dust-facing surface to improve the filtration of the filter material). performance). For example, the Fumesi filter bag for blast furnace gas dust collector is mixed with a considerable proportion of P84 fiber to improve the filtering effect and high temperature and corrosion resistance.

The characteristics of P84 dust-removing filter bag are notable due to the fineness of the fiber itself, and the irregular fiber cross section maximizes the surface area of the fiber and provides a lot of tiny pores so that the surface filtration effect is better than the depth filtration. The dust only stays on the surface of the filter felt and cannot penetrate into the filter felt. Therefore, the backwash pressure is small and the efficiency of filter cake ejection can be significantly improved. It has excellent collection efficiency of fine particles and small operating pressure difference.

P84 needle-punched felt dust filter bag is a high-end high-temperature resistant filter bag that is comparable to PTFE needle-punched felt filter bags, and its filtration efficiency and dust removal effect are even higher than that of PTFE needle-punched felt filter bags


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