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The Feature of PTFE Dust Filter Bags

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Ptfe dust filter bag introduction

Ptfe dust filter bag is a kind of dust removal filter material. The company selects high-quality fine fibers to increase the filtration area of the filter material and reduce the filtration gap of the filter material, which improves the filtration efficiency of the filter material, reduces the discharge concentration and operation resistance. The filter bag adopts multilateral brushing in the knitting process, which increases the thickness of the fabric, is elastic, and can withstand the pressure caused by automatic pulse injection for a long time.

Ptfe dust filter bag production standard:

The filter bag is made in strict accordance with the GB/T6719-2009 national standard to ensure the qualified rate of the product.

1. The bag mouth adopts elastic expansion ring and saddle pad made of the same material filter material to prevent the rubber ring from aging at high temperature and cause the filter bag to fall off.

2The stitching of the bag mouth adopts misalignment treatment to ensure the close fit between the bag mouth and the flower plate and avoid the leakage of dust from the flower plate hole.

3 The stitch length of the filter bag is 25±1, the filter bag has no slippage or floating line phenomenon, and the comprehensive strength of the suture of the filter bag is >1000N.

Important parameters of Ptfe dust filter bag:

1: Acid and alkali corrosion resistance of the Ptfe dust filter bag

When the coal-fired boiler dust collector starts or stops below the dew point, the SO2 in the waste and the H2O molecules in the air react to form sulfuric acid, which will cause the fiber of the dust collection bag to deform and lose its strength. Therefore, when choosing a dust bag, we should consider a dust bag that is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.

2: Filtration accuracy of Ptfe dust filter bag

If the filter air speed of the boiler dust collector exceeds the design standard of the filter bag, it is very easy to cause the fine dust to be stuck in the filter bag fiber, causing the filter bag to block. For this phenomenon, we can choose to use a membrane filter bag or pre-install the filter bag surface. Covered with protective dust.

3: Operating temperature of Ptfe dust filter bag

If the waste temperature of the boiler dust collector is too high, it is easy to harden or melt the dust bag to produce holes. Sparks or hot dust in the exhaust gas can also burn the filter bag into holes. According to the operating temperature of the customer's boiler dust collector, it is important to choose the corresponding Ptfe dust filter bag.

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