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The Reason of Filter bag damaged failure

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As the heart of the bag filter, the filter bag plays a decisive role in the use effect of the bag filter. In particular, the high temperature filter bag occupies a large proportion of value in the whole dust collector. Protecting the filter bag well can prevent the damage of the filter bag due to various reasons. On the one hand, it can ensure the filtering effect and meet the emission concentration; On the other hand, it can reduce economic losses and ensure the stable operation of the whole equipment.

Type of filter bag damage

Mechanical failure

It is mainly manifested as the non-woven layer of the filter material wears out and falls off. This phenomenon is caused by the uneven distribution of air flow and the erosion of dust on the surface of the filter bag under high filtration wind speed. Or because the filter bag is not installed in place, resulting in friction between the filter bags and damage; Or the injection pipe is not installed vertically, resulting in holes in the range of 30-40 cm at the mouth and loss of filtration performance.

The specific manifestations include damage at the mouth of the filter bag, damage at the body of the filter bag, damage at the lower part of the filter bag and damage at the bottom of the filter bag:

1, dust filter bag mouth

The damage at the mouth of the filter bag is mostly within 30-40 cm down the mouth of the bag, which is mostly manifested as the bottom of the filter material blowing and falling off. It is caused by high compressed air, skew of blowpipe and deformation of flower plate. Attention should be paid to the quality of installation in the installation process.

2. Position of filter bag body

The contact part of the filter bag and the skeleton is worn for a long time due to pulse injection, which shows obvious wear marks in the direction of transverse and vertical bars. Pay attention to the size of the filter bag and skeleton, dust skeleton surface finish.

3. Bottom of filter bag is damaged

The wear phenomenon at the bottom of the filter bag is more common. It may be due to the small bottom of the bag cage or the long filter bag, so the bag cage can only support the bottom part of the bag. Filter bag cleaning and filtration action is too large resulting in the inside of the filter bag bottom wear. Or the dust accumulation is too high to form vortex wear filter bag.

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