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The damage reason of dust filter bag

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The damage of dust filter bag generally has the following reasons:

1, Burning: if the dust filter bag is in the flue gas for a long time more than the normal operation temperature of the bag, it is very simple to make the dust bag hardening shrinkage, or melting holes. The thickness of the initial layer of the dust bag manufacturer is not enough, the smoke is brought into the Mars into the bag, or dust heating, the same will make the dust bag burn holes. Dust bag burning is mainly reflected in the replacement of dust bag in addition. Because the online replacement is not precoated, high temperature smoke with Mars directly touch the bag, easy to make the dust bag burned. Measures to prevent incineration: ensure the initial layer thickness on the surface of the dust bag.

2, Wear: wear dust filter bag mainly occurs in the center of the dust collector, in a single dust bag mainly occurs in the bag from the outlet within 1 meters. Its primary reason is because of uneven distribution of flue gas, the flow rate is too high in the center of a single room, the filter gas speed is too high on the exit of a single dust bag, resulting in dust impact, wear bag, also make the fabric fiber tension of the dust bag is damaged, simple local bag perforation, use cycle is too short. For frequent wear parts of the dust filter bag replaced with a wear resistant bag.

3, Too high filter gas speed, will make the initial dust layer broken, and dust impact cloth bag and cause excessive wear, if the number of cleaning cloth bag is too high, easy to cause the fabric of the bag loose, accelerate the wear of the filter bag. The dust content in the flue gas exceeds the design standard, it will also accelerate the wear of the cloth bag. Small ash bucket ash accumulation is too much, resulting in the flue gas dust in the flue gas chamber will accelerate the wear and tear of the cloth bag.

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