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The detection method for the broken air filter bag

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The detection method of the air filter bag breakage of the dust collector:

      1. Using laser diving method, bag dust collector leak detection. Use a periscope to pierce into the dust collector to find leaks. This skill has applied many modern scientific and technological achievements, such as optical scattering imaging, computer image processing, laser positioning, etc. When light shines on suspended particles in the air, you will see prominent bright spots, which is the appearance of light scattering by small particles. Under the shining of light, due to the effect of the shining light vibrating the electromagnetic field, the scatterer is polarized and induces the vibrating electromagnetic multipole. The electromagnetic vibration generated by the scatterer electromagnetic multipole radiates electromagnetic waves in all directions to form scattered light. Its intensity is proportional to the number of particles, particle diameter, and incident light intensity. The traditional method is to use a photomultiplier tube to measure the intensity of the scattered light. Here is a picture of the scattered light directly investigated by a camera. You can see the shape and activity of the smoke in the clean room, and you can see the smoke and dust coming out of the broken filter bag. Position, and then be able to find the position of the damaged filter bag.

2. Use soil methods to check the dust collector bag for damage, open the box cover and check the dust collector bag. If there is more dust at the mouth of the bag and the door is more dusty, then the dust collector bag in this room must be a leaky filter bag.

3. Use fluorescent powder to detect.

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