The difference between pulse dust collector and bag filter

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-31      Origin: Site


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The pulse bag filter is the 2.0 version of the bag filter, but there are still differences between the bag filter and the pulse bag filter. Next, I will introduce some relevant knowledge of these two products.

The bag filter uses a bag as a filter dust collector to filter some particulate matter in the exhaust gas. The structure of the bag filter generally includes a core filter bag, a dust removal structure, and a box and other components. The working process of the bag filter is that when the flue gas enters the dust collector, the filter bag of the dust collector will make the solid particles in the flue gas adhere, and then the accumulated dust falls into the ash removal device to complete the ash removal process. We can choose different cleaning methods to clean the dust. The flue gas emission concentration meets the standard, even lower than the standard line. The cost of using a bag filter is lower than other dust collectors under the same dust removal efficiency. And the fabric of the bag filter is easy to operate.

The functions of the pulse bag filter and the bag filter are very similar, so the use effect of the bag filter and the pulse bag filter is similar, which will not be repeated here, but the pulse bag filter makes up for the shortcomings of the bag filter, such as pulse The bag filter has strong adaptability and can continuously clean the dust without cutting off the gas transmission, and the efficiency is greatly improved.


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