The reason of filter bag cage bending

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-07      Origin: Site


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The reason of filter bag cage bending

1. First of all, the bending of the filter bag cage has a direct relationship with the quality of the cage . When purchasing the filter bag cages, you need to check whether the welding of the welding point has reached the standard, because the welding of the bag cage affects other components: (1)Weak connection is easy to take off ; (2) burrs are easy to scratch the dust filter bags

2. The vertical bars of the filter bag cage should be selected according to the application conditions. If the working conditions are high, a few more vertical bars should be added appropriately to stabilize the operation of the entire filter bag cages.

3. The selection of the filter bag cages material must meet the standard. If the cages to work in a high temperature or highly corrosive working conditions, you need to choose stainless steel material, silicone coating or galvanized filter bag cages to avoid high temperature or corrosion to Damage or bending the bag cages , Then affecting the operation of the whole dust collector.

4. The filter bag cage is easy to bending during transportation. The length of the filter bag cage is more than 3 meters. Since the long distance transportation requires the rope to be fixed for a long time, the cage will also be bent after the customer receives it.Therefore, it is best to arrange the frame packing to the iron frame for fixed transportation .


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