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The reasons of influencing the service life of dust filter bag

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The factors that affect the service life of the filter bag are as follows: improper use of the filter bag variety, quality of the filter bag, filter gas speed, dust load, dust composition, dust characteristics, cleaning methods, cleaning frequency, system startup and shutdown times, and related maintenance work. When evaluating the service life of the bag, it is necessary to consider whether it is used improperly, carefully check and record the working condition of the dust collector, whether the dust collector is often turned on and off below the dew point, and whether the pulse cleaning cycle and cleaning time are reasonable. The addition of differential pressure gauge and thermometer is a prerequisite for ensuring the record. It is also a measure to ensure the normal operation of dust collector.

The reasons for the filter bag to be damp: the shell seal of the precipitator is not tight enough to leak water into the wet air, the compressed air used for reverse blowing dust is not clean (containing oil and water), and the compressed air used for dust cleaning is too cold. In order to prevent the filter bag from getting damp, in cold areas, the compressed air used for dust cleaning can be used to increase heat preservation and heating. Remove oil and water, and continue to clean dust for 10~20 minutes after the dust collector is shut down. Water is the main reason for the blocking of the filter bag. The reason for containing water is usually condensation at low temperature, especially when dealing with combustion or high temperature flue gas. The following methods can be used to prevent this situation:

1, Avoid improper boot

2. Avoid starting the machine when the dust removal resistance is high, start the machine when it is lower than the dew point, and restart the machine when there is condensate water on the surface of the filter bag after the dust collector is shut down. In this case, a large amount of dusty air will enter, and high humidity will lead to muddy surface of the filter bag. In order to prevent and control the situation, it is necessary to preheat the dust bearing air at the inlet of the dust collector or precover the dust layer.

3. When the dust collector is running below the dew point, it is easy to cause problems. If the intake distribution is uneven, it is easy to cause part of the dust collector shell

Therefore, the dust collector should be avoided working below the condensation point, and the thermal insulation device should be used. 4, air infiltration Air infiltration often occurs in the dust collector's flange, access door or dust collector's mobile device, if the seal is not strict, the external air into the dust collector, when processing high temperature waste gas, will produce a low temperature area in the dust collector, resulting in low temperature dedew, corrosion dust collector, resulting in moisture exposure of filter bag. 

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